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The popular perception among the blogging community that WordPress is the best content management system is not unfounded. After a successful 6 year run since its release in 2003, everyone’s favorite open source blog tool became the recipient of the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards as the best overall open source content management system. This was a path breaking achievement for the popular CMS as it marks the transition of WordPress from a blog software to a full fledged CMS. Mentioned below are 5 reasons why you should consider WordPress as a CMS for your website.

Open Source CMS – WordPress is ideal as it is a free open source content management system. Hence, you would not be required to pay a licensing fee. For a business concern WordPress is a very viable option as the cost of development is much lower than most proprietary platforms. WordPress can be a huge saving for your business due to its functionality and versatility, which allows programmers to develop each other’s code and create custom layouts and features.

Most user friendly CMS – The intuitive backend of WordPress is what makes it one of the most patronized and user-friendly content management systems in creation. The malleable templating system and plugin architecture of WordPress makes it very popular among programmers who use it as a base to customize and build upon.

Highly versatile and extendable -One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is that it is highly versatile and extendable. Whether be it e-commerce, social networking, event management or forums, the WordPress plugin architecture enables you to do just about anything. WordPress has evolved over the years into a cutting edge CMS platform that supports advanced syndication, social networking and multimedia that is prevalent on top notch sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Read this article for more…,

SEO friendly -WordPress’ emphasis on creating web based applications and building websites makes it only inevitable that search engine optimization would be a top priority for the open source CMS. Although WordPress was conceived to be an SEO friendly platform, there are hundreds of plugins that are available online which can help you promote and optimize your site’s content for the search engines.

Exclusive Ecommerce solutions -WordPress has built in ecommerce solutions and coding features that can be used by small corporate stores as well as large-scale big business enterprises and caters to all their complex selling needs. WordPress enables businesses to create a network of ecommerce stores with the same code base.

The latest core improvements enable users to create custom content without the assistance of an experienced developer. The recent improvements such as the introduction of the multisite management feature is quickly changing the popular notion of WordPress as a blogging software patronized by small businesses to that of a premium content management system.