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Sleeping is one of the vital functions of our daily life. The intensity of being in sleep keeps its effect on tomorrow’s day. What would you do when your sleep is being destroyed by bed bugs? Shouldn’t you exterminate bed bugs? Of course you should, so here I am going to explain few methods to eliminate bed bugs and have a healthy sleep all the night.

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Methods Used By Exterminator for Bed Bugs:-

-Natural method: Natural method itself means destruction in a good way that nothing is going to change except your bad sleep routine. Bed bugs can be killed in an eco-friendly way by remedies based on Diatomaceous Earth. Here natural actually means no usage of chemicals. This method is very much effective to control various pests that infest your home, pets or garden besides protecting your family’s health. It has no side-effects. It’s really good and effective when biologically certified products become your choice.

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-Using heat: Bed bugs are very good at being anonymous. When you wash your clothes or use a washing machine, if you find any dead bed bug, then I am afraid to say that they sucked your blood whole night before dying. Laundered in hot water and dried in temperatures hotter than 50 degree Celsius for 20 minutes are enough to kill these pests.

-Using blockage: There are many materials available in the market which can help you in executing bugs. They are intended to be placed under the legs of furniture. This is a special trap in which when any bed bug attempt to climb up from the floor become trapped in the plastic trays. These interceptors not only help to reduce the number of bed bugs but also help us in analysing the presence these pests.

-Using cold: Treating these pests with low temperature can also help in keeping them away. While you will undoubtedly kill some of them, there is no guarantee that you will kill all of them. You can even use the cold to immobilize these pests and later kill them

-Insecticides: Most of the house residents won’t compromise in using insecticides. The insecticides products available in all on the market are not effective in controlling this pest. Although home residents are discouraged from trying to treat bed bugs themselves, even then if you decide to use a bed bug pesticide it is very important to carefully read and understand the directions before using these chemicals.

Be aware of any unexplained bites you may find in the morning, the reason behind the bites could be most probably bed bugs.

Few tips to keep them away:

-Use best air purifiers in the home, car, etc.

-Choose the best treatment method.

-Dispose useless furniture and cover or wrap the furniture that is not in use.

-Cover the areas at cracks and crevices.