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First things first, nothing beats smelling fresh and perfect lawn grasses very early in the morning. On a subtle level, the right lawn grass basically ensures that you have a beautiful, fresh and new day ahead.

The following are basic tips in choosing the appropriate grasses.

If you are in a cold area

The fact of the matter is that the best lawn grass for you to select if in case you happen to reside in a specific area that have winters that are very cold and summers that are quite mild, is bluegrass or those ryegrass. You could also consider choosing those tall lawn fescue grass.

Basically, all these belong to the cool season grasses. These grasses grow very vigorously during the cold months of fall and spring.

If you are in a warm area

The perfect lawn grass to select if in case you happen to live in a warm area are the Bermuda grass as well as the zoysia grass. Another lawn grass that is perfect for the warmer climate is St Augustine grass.

Such lawn grasses are perfect for the summer hot weather and the mild winters. The reason for this is that the lawn grasses that fall under the warm season types are a bit less hardy.

They also gro quite vigorously during the summer hot months and eventually turn to crisp brown during the months of winter.

Choose wisely

The best grasses to select are those that are perfectly adapted locally to pests. These lawn grasses must be the varieties which are called pest resistant.

You could also settle for variety blends or a mixture of various types of lawn grass. You could ask the help of the nursery in your local for additional information and to eventually help you choose.

What types of grass are best for spots that are shady

The perfect grasses for this are those that fall under the cool season lawn grass fescues as well as the warm season Lawn St Augustine grass. Another option is the zoysia lawn grass.

What kind of grass is perfect for the summer?

The type of lawn grass that is perfect for the dry areas come summer are the Bermuda grass, the tall lawn fescue grass as well as the buffalo lawn grass.

When you have chosen, now what?

A lot of the grasses that are perfect for the warm climate season are usually wiry and stiff. They do require that you own a reel power driven mower in order to keep these lawn grass the best they could possibly be.

How to keep lawn green when the weather is blue

The best thing to do during the months of winter when the climate is cold to the brim is to overseed the warm season lawn grasses early on in the fall. Through this method, the lawn grass is kept green and looking beautifully clean.

Usually, the buffalo lawn grass and the zoysia lawn grass are the lawn grasses that are hardiest if compared with the warm season lawn grasses. click hereĀ what grass is best for my Phoenix lawn


what grass is best for my Phoenix lawn

What if your pet pees on the grass?

Dogs will always be dogs, and lawn grasses will always be lawn grasses. When your pets pee on your precious green grass, relax. It is not the end of the world.

When such a thing happens, the usual green lawn could suddenly have brown spots. What happens is that your pet’s urine has overly concentrated nitrogen content which causes the lawn to burn.

Why is this so? Believe it or not, your soil already has nitrogen in it. So when your pet dog puts a lot more of his nitrogen, your precious grass gets edgy and ultimately gets brown.

Take note that the pee of a female dog is a lot more potent than the male dogs. The best thing to do when the crime has been committed is to flood the specific area.

After a few days of thorough flooding and flushing, any damage would probably be averted and your lawn grasses will be back to its good and green color.